Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Midland Funding?

Midland Funding, LLC is one of the nation’s largest buyers of unpaid debt. For example, we may buy an unpaid credit card account. This happens when a company decides to sell the unpaid account rather than continue collection efforts. Midland Funding, LLC purchases accounts with an unpaid balance when:

  • An account has gone at least 180 days without making a payment, or
  • Someone paid less than the minimum monthly payment for at least 180 days, and
  • The original creditor wishes to sell the right to collect on the account balance.

Is Midland Funding on your Credit Report?

Midland Credit Management is servicing your account. Log into the MCM website to get your account history and details, plus flexible payment options – no account number needed

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Why does Midland Funding appear on my credit report?

When an account is charged-off, it generally remains on your credit report for seven years from the date you originally went delinquent. When an account is sold, the original account may be updated on the credit report to show it was transferred to a new owner, or the original creditor may choose to delete their reporting. Midland Funding appears on your credit report because it is the owner of your charged-off account, but the seven year reporting period continues to be calculated from the date your account went delinquent with the original creditor.

Per our policy, we stop credit reporting on accounts that are Paid in Full or Paid in Full for less than the full balance and more than two years past the date of delinquency. For more information visit

To find out how you can resolve this obligation call the servicer of your account, MCM, at (877) 653-4161.

Does Midland Funding resell accounts?

Pursuant to the MCM Consumer Bill of Rights, accounts are never resold.